Computer Screen Saver

Computer Screen Saver 12.03

Includes 4 computer screensavers: Mandelbrot, Lissajous Bubble, Simple
12.03.14 (See all)

Screensavers were originally used to prevent phosphor burn-in on your screen when the image did not change for a long time. This is not such a problem with modern screens, and screensavers are now mainly used for entertainment when you are not otherwise using your computer, and for password protection.
Screensaver for Computer, Software Includes 4 computer screensavers: Mandelbrot screensaver, Lissajous screensaver, Bubble screensaver, Simple screensaver. Computer screensaver is compiled of the customizable features that can be configured to set the work time, break time, and even set your favorite music to be played. Press F8 to disable a running screensaver.

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